If you are sitting comfortably here are some snippets from speedy drawings made at The Story 2012.

Over the course of a fascinating day at London’s Conway Hall, eighteen storytellers spoke for 20 minutes apiece on a huge range of subjects and you can explore the full line up of speakers here.

We actually attended this event to listen rather than work but, in truth, it was hard not to get drawn in.


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There was the amazing story about fake online personas told by Liz Henry.


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Urban designer Scott Burnham might have stolen the show with What If design and his accompanying obsession with public participation. We might even have put money on it, if the Police hadn’t insisted upon taking it away for its own safety.

Drawnalism_Story_2012_Jeremy_Deller © Drawnalism

© Drawnalism

Jeremy Deller made one of the day’s best jokes with his description of the restaged Battle of Orgreave, a re-enaction of violence from the 1984/85 Miners Strike, as a ‘manly am-dram.’ His purpose in doing so, being rather more serious.

It’s invidious to to highlight any talk with such a high general quality of contribution but we certainly look forward to attending the event again. Do view Kathryn Corrick’s excellent photosetMatt Edgar’s write up of some themes from the day and Kat Summers, who has added a thorough linear run through of the event since we started drafting this. For a different feel about the real-time experience look back at Mary Hamilton’s Storify of tweets.

Our pencils dipped to them, Matt Locke and Meg Pickard who, with help, made it all happen.

Drawnalism_theStory_2012_Music © Drawnalism

© Drawnalism

The chocolate running order from Paul A.Young was also a hit.

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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