To the Frontline Club to hear learned folk anticipate the end of the long running Leveson Inquiry into the Culture, Media and Ethics of the Press.

Drawnalism: Leveson Panel at Frontline Club 19th July 2012 © Matthew Buck hack Cartoons @Drawnalism

The panel was moderated by broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby and organised by the campaign group Index on Censorship in conjunction with The Frontline Club.

Rather like the inquiry itself the conversation ranged widely which is perhaps fitting the great trade of the generalist. Inevitably, politics and business (for that is what the institutions of journalism are) got in the way.

Interestingly, the audience were largely (on a show of hands) civilians rather than journalists. You can read the full backchannel conversation on the event here. I rather agreed with the following tweet, there was a noticeable lack of non-broadsheet view – and this also appied to input from the new digital information power brokers. They being tomorrow’s ‘Press’ if you like.

I thought Helen Lewis of The New Statesman hit the soundbite (sorry) of the evening when talking about the ‘Twitter mafia’ she attributed the phrase to an unnamed and unhappy Tabloid executive.

‘It’s the end of the monopoly on lynch mobs’.

I paraphrase her immediately above. In the spirit of making offers one shouldn’t refuse, please do click the picture to see a bit more detail drawn during the course of an enjoyable hour and a bit.

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