Having only visited the Baltic for the first time a couple of months ago, this week I once again found my back on a plane bound for the north. This time my destination was Turku in Finland, for the closing seminar of the Central Baltic INTERREG programme. The big difference this time is that I was to do the whole event digitally, drawing on a tablet as my work appeared magically on a gigantic flatscreen TV to the side of the stage.

2014-06-02 10.49.07

I’ve worked digitally at events before but this was to be my first big event where the digital drawing was the main focus. I was a little apprehensive – would the technology work correctly? What if the battery on my tablet failed, or the link to the TV wouldn’t connect? Would I need to resort to paper and markers? My worries were groundless – everything worked as it should, and our client was very happy with the results, which you can see here:

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