Here is a short photoblog from our ‘In-the-Moment’ work at the European Communication Summit in Brussels last week.


© Drawnalism Ltd

The event was large conference with between 600 and 700 delegates in a big centre. In a challenging and busy environment such as this we have to be able to manage the spaces in which we work. This can be a significant challenge with people often keen to see what we have captured ‘In-the-Moment’ and as we are making it.

Drawnalism_EACD_Opening_In-the-Moment _©_Drawnalism_Ltd

© Drawnalism Ltd

Happily, everything went well after our careful pre-event preparation with the organisers.

Typically, we can identify a good working space on a conference plan, partly by identifying the space where delegates are able to take photographs easily. We see many people who like to reshare Drawnalism in their professional and social networks.

We think this is because Drawnalism takes away the pressure from personal notetaking at a big event when so many interesting sessions and workshops are underway in swift succession.


© Drawnalism Ltd

Last week, we saw a lot of this ‘In-the-Moment’ photography and, to us, that is one sign of a successful event.

We will publish a little more of our work at this event later this week. If you would like to talk to us about using Drawnalism at your conference or event you can contact us here.

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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