In a ‘perk of the job’ it was a pleasure to listen to veteran scientist Sir Heinz Wolff present at a recent conference. The fellow of the Biological Engineering Society and one-time presenter of The Great Egg Race  spoke about the challenge that increasing life expectancy poses for society. Re-engineering many common assumptions and behaviours about extended old age is an urgent need for all of us. You can read about Sir Heinz’s work here.

Most of the Drawnalism team in attendance are of an age to have influenced by Heinz in his days on television and you can see how pleased we were to meet him after he’d finished speaking! And despite the challenging nature of of his words!


Sir Heinz Wolff shows his appreciation of some Drawnalism!

We recommend spending a brief moment or two taking another earful of that fantastic Great Egg Race theme tune!

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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