What do Boston, Basel, Budapest, Barcelona, Brussels and Birmingham all have in common? Aside from all beginning with the letter ‘B’ they’re all places that Drawnalism have visited in recent months. We’ve been busy, busy bees, buzzing around all over the place – we’ve also been to Marseille, Amsterdam, London, Luxembourg, Jūrmala (in Latvia)… and Crewe.Busy Busy Bees1

Naturally, we can’t show you what we were doing in all of these places, but here’s a taste of what we were up to in Brussels, Boston, Budapest, London, Jurmala and Marseille:

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But it doesn’t stop there – we’re a hive of activity for the next few weeks making honey working on studio projects, but rest assured, come September we’ll be back on the buzz again for return trips to Brussels and Luxembourg.

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