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On a beautifully sunny morning in Bristol, the Drawnalism team took themselves off to The Watershed, a superb venue in the Bristol Harbourside, for two days of live capture at Open Data Camp 3.

We’ve worked with the Open Data Camp team since its beginnings a year ago, to capture a record of the best ideas expressed in the free-form unconference sessions, and it was a pleasure to meet again with the open data advocates who make up the event. It was particularly pleasing to hear that one of this event’s organisers was attracted to Open Data Camp 2 by a piece of Drawnalism she saw from Open Data Camp 1.

Live capture & liveblogging

We fielded a large mixed team: two artists and two livebloggers, to make sure we could capture as much of the two days as we could.

Matt and Royston at work

Across the two days we created 18 posts on the Open Data Camp blog, capturing two sessions from every time slot across the two days – as well as some introductory and wrap-up sessions.

 Open Data Campers feedback

Many of the attendees at Open Data Camp 3 shared their favourite pieces of Drawnalism after the event:

To find out more about Open Data Camp and the open data movement, check out their website, or follow Open Data Camp and Open Data Aha on Twitter.

Post by Adam

In-the-Moment liveblogger, working with the Drawnalism team to capture conference and event sessions in real time.


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