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One of our recent events reminded us that Drawnalism depends upon the wisdom of other people on every day we work.

We were privileged to be at the Interreg 2016 Conference in Brussels early in June.

Interreg is one of those parts of the European Union that we in the UK have not heard much about, at least not during the course of my lifetime (1970-to date).

It exists to exchange knowledge between the regions and nations of Europe with particular regard to cooperation across borders. Aside from mutual knowledge transfer and network building, practically, it aids access to funding for building infrastructure from which individual countries benefit. Sometimes this happy process involves parts of the UK who have been wise and brave enough to participate (in our opinion). You can see a map of where such projects are active at this link. This process is more than 25 years old.

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To Interreg’s great credit, they were one of the very first organisations to recognise the power and value of Drawnalism as a method of communication and exchange of knowledge when we started our life.

(Yes, an insight: we are biased and in favour of #StrongerIn in the present EU referendum).

Anyway, here in the slideshow is a small sample of what we did with and for them at their annual meeting this year in Brussels*. You can also see more at these links – here – if you would like.

* Which is nice.


Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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