It was inevitable that Drawnalism would end up in the Eternal City eventually. Last weekend we took part in a ‘powwow‘ to help co-create the future of EUViz, a grouping of visual practitioners from around Europe. Being part of a what is a fairly new industry, we went to the two day workshop to discover what we would want out of such a collective, and how we could help build it. Networking, shared resources, professional development and other such themes came up over the weekend.

Naturally, I made a few notes of my own, using the lovely pens and paper supplied by the good folks at Neuland, one of the sponsors of the event. These were mainly drawn to aid my own memory, but I was asked by other attendees of the event to share them, so here they are:

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The next Powwow is set for the end of April in Brussels, and we’re planning to be there too!


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