We choose to work in high quality at speed and we are always impressed by others who do the same.

So to witness the construction of a new data science campus at the Office of National Statistics which went from commission to opening in under 12 months was seriously impressive, by any pair of eyes.

We were privileged to attend the opening of the campus at the ONS in Newport, Wales to draw In-the-Moment during a series of talks by specialist speakers. You can see some of the Drawnalism we made later in this blog post.

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The campus is multidisciplinary place and helps decision makers make better, faster decisions for the public, based on the evidence available from real-time data.

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At the event, it was striking how important collaboration is to learning and to making better decisions with data. So much potentially useful  information is already gathered – it’s the practical deployment for public and private utility that needs improving. This is what the new Data Science Campus is for. We wish it every success.

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Edited: It is also very good to know that Drawnalism has a life long after the event itself.

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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