Developing ideas into Drawnalism is our core service and we deliver this quickly or slowly, depending on need.

Of course, with time spent in advance our Illustration can be more finished than drawnalism delivered ‘In-the-Moment’. Below, there is an example of this in the slideshow from an Illustration series for an event at the European Week of Regions and Cities.

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Before the event we developed a series of images at a day long face-to-face meeting in Brussels.

We made 20 pieces of idea generation during this preparation time before refining the ideas into an instant storyboard –  almost as if we were working towards making a film.

With approval for the instant meeting storyboard we then, over some slower time, drew a series of iterations to produce the final work you see in the slideshow above.

Finally, we drew the  live event where we worked In-the-Moment about the ideas contained in the Drawnalism Illustration we had made earlier.

Putting the ideas together.

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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