It is not often that Drawnalism get to sit in any conference as a participant but whenever we do you can see it is a joy.

Drawnalism at EUViz 2018

It was a pleasure to play in a less pressured environment than normal!

And this was certainly our experience in Denmark where we attended the EUViz2018 global conference this summer. This week long event gathered the best practitioners in the world of graphic recording and facilitation for colearning, collaboration and networking. The conference was organised by The International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP) and a European Organising Group (EUViz). Drawnalism is a member of the IFVP.

The theme of the conference was ‘To draw or not to draw’ a timely parody as the event venue was close to Kronberg Castle, the fictional ‘Elsinore’ – home to Hamlet.

Naturally, this powerful story idea got a visual reference in the conference branding.EUViz2018 event brand at Drawnalism

At the conference, we were privileged to listen to some brilliant speakers from our world including David Sibbet, Karina Antons, Martin Haussmann and Kelvy Bird. Each being in possession of a distinctive and hard won approach to the arts of graphic recording and facilitation.

Martin and Karina have already shared a fine overview of these keynote sessions in a blog post.

For the most active part of our work at the conference we contributed two live workshop sessions in the Craftsmanship stream offering guidance on basic drawing techniques which can be delivered working at speed. We will share a second post about some of the things we shared in Rungstedgaard soon.

If you are in a similar world of work to Drawnalism, we would recommend exploring the opportunties available to you in the IFVP – and particularly at its annual global conference – just like the one we attended in Denmark.

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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