We recently delivered Drawnalism for an online meeting. In fact, it was an online meeting about online meetings! 

Organised by Judy Rees of the Rees McCann Partnership, and sponsored by InfoQ, this event involved a panel of remote meeting experts, digital breakout rooms, and comments delivered through chat windows. It was a fascinating discussion, which Matt captured through Drawnalism’s Digital In the Moment service.

The meeting was organised around a series of questions. Here’s what Matt captured on the day.

The feedback from participants and panel members was very positive, and some even tweeted about it!

There is so much potential to make the online meeting experience more meaningful, fun and to capture content in new ways. We are pleased our enthusiasm is shared!


For Drawnalism this represents a natural expansion of our portfolio which now includes:

We were pleased to see that the output was included in an eMag published by InfoQ. You can download the eMag (free) from the InfoQ website at: https://www.infoq.com/minibooks/remote-meetings/

Post by Mark Braggins

Business Development and Research Manager at Drawnalism

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