The interface with technology

At the heart of the Apple Computer iPad is one rather important thing – the way human beings interact with technology. On the whole, Drawnalism thinks that anything which brings a closer connection between our senses and what we can do with them through technology is worth investigating. (Yes, we watched Minority Report too.) We […]

Drawnalism at news:rewired 14th Jan 2010

Click the picture for a small gallery of drawing from the news:rewired event which was held at City University, London on 14th Jan 2010. You can follow the online buzz about the event here and find some less urgent and more reflective journalism about it at the site of the event’s organisers, If anyone who […]

Join or Die by Benjamin Franklin from Wikimedia Commons

Why hand made content isn’t dead

Today the influential Techcrunch site published a powerful piece of opinion claiming that hand-made content was dead. This contention is based on the revolution in dispersal of ’free’ information – and new industrial-scale commercial attempts to make money through a volume provision of data. (Techcrunch cites a firm called Demand Media who are particularly depressing […]