These pictures give an idea of how In the Moment Drawnalism on paper may display at your event.

Volume of Drawnalism

We work fast to keep up with the speakers at any event so we will generate a volume of paper quickly.

In-the-Moment Drawnalism on paper in Display

Display of paper

So, as you can see in the picture above, we will need a space to display the artwork. If your venue plan allows it, often a spot near a break or coffee area is good so people can view the artwork between the live conference sessions.

We always advise using mobile display boards for presentation like those shown below to give conference organisers the possibility to move key pieces of Drawnalism at need.

We will always make ourselves available to review your venue floorplanning if wished.

In-the-Moment Drawnalism on mobile felt display boards

Each sheet of paper we deliver is 50.8cm wide and 58.4cm high. During any conference, every Drawnalist will produce up to ten sheets per day – or about five metres of display space.

The special paper we use is also bleedproof – meaning that it will not let the waterbased inks that we use pass through it. The paper is self-adhesive and works without leaving any glue residue. It fixes safely to plain painted walls, wood, glass and metal.

We can and do work on single big boards but we find the lack of mobility in this setup restrictive and not necessarily the best way of capturing the information that a full and diverse conference contains.

Working positions:

We will need a working spot near the exhibition point for the paper Drawnalism. This is because the volume of paper that we record from the speakers and delegates will need to be managed by our team during the course of the event.

Drawnalism using a mobile easel

As you can see immediately above, we travel as lightly as possible. We draw using lightweight metal easels that we will bring with us. This means our individual working positions are mobile and there should be plenty of room for people or cameras to peer over our shoulders if wished.

In any individual live session each Drawnalist will need;

  • A table and chair
  • An electrical powerpoint
  • WiFi codes
  • Space for display (see above)
  • A good position for listening and drawing which is well lit
    (This can sometimes be an issue if the lights are to be dimmed during plenary sessions)
  • Access to translation service (if required)

In-the-Moment Drawnalism in detail

We will bring all of the pens, the paper and the details.

Reaction to In-the-Moment Drawnalism on paper

Drawnalism as discussion point

We use a flexible form of display for the multiple small pieces of artwork that we use for In-the-Moment Drawnalism on paper

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