Our traditional service. Contact us with your business project need, make an agreement and receive, in short order, gleaming pieces of finished Drawnalism.

There are many more ways that we can help with At the Studio. For example we can enhance existing images, add new layers of detail, or turn images into fully animated videos.

What are you waiting for?

How At the Studio Drawnalism works.

We regularly deliver Drawnalism Illustration providing impactful advance preparation for events and memorable follow up by emphasising the key messages that matter to you and your audience.

This can take the form of process or journey maps like this example above or it can be apparently simpler single elements to help illustrate an idea or a story in time.

We regularly deliver At the Studio Illustrations as short clips to build into longer form video and sequential presentations like the example below.

We have produced At the Studio illustrations for clients as diverse as the UK’s National Audit Office, The European Commission, Investec, McKinsey and Company, and Médecins Sans Frontières as well as for many smaller organisations.

Whatever and however we work with At the Studio Drawnalism, we offer an external view of proceedings that brings fresh perspective on what is being said and done inside your organisation.

Matt says, ‘We are always surprised by the sheer amount of use that our clients make of our work. We have seen it turned into posters for permanent display in the lobbies of company headquarters, used as illustrations in books, calendars, and video clips, shared on social media and – perhaps most importantly – built into persistent and long lasting corporate learning materials.’

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