We deliver our In the Moment graphic recording at conferences, meetings and events of all sorts.

The graphic recording and visualisation service records multi-day conferences, public and private meetings, organisational and transformational development projects and briefings for service or product development.

At any occasion, Drawnalism delivers multiple, memorable pieces of drawing using traditional or digital tools.

  • Drawnalism at UKCOMM17
  • Drawnalism on site with kit for In the Moment - DSC_6638

All of our work can be used for visual display during an event, for social media engagement, and for printed, online, and video follow-up.

We have delivered In the Moment Drawnalism for people and organisations as diverse as the European Commission, HM Government, Médecins Sans Frontières, Barclays, Bupa, Investec, Jaguar Land Rover and many others.

We will share more specific examples of our work on request or you can read some of our public stories on our website.

How much will our enquiry cost in the UK?

For any one day event in the UK, we will despatch a drawnalist to your event venue for a flat fee including the cost of travel and accommodation and paper for £1000 plus VAT.

We are also able to provide more than one Drawnalist if your event needs it. Ask us about that below!

Ok. How do you make agreements?

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