Since the birth of Drawnalism a decade ago, real time In the Moment graphic recording has been one of our signature offerings. We both work alone and alongside other professionals capable of capturing events in the moment, to provide a comprehensive offering which other sketchnoters can’t match.

In the Moment Event Live Capture

In partnership with livebloggers and other live textual capture professionals, we capture the content of conference sessions in near real-time. We output full written posts and pieces of drawnalism capturing the exchange of knowledge and creating a powerful record of the event. We’ll commit to capturing up to six sessions a day per pair of live capture professionals (one graphic, one textual), usually publishing the work at a high standard of quality and accuracy within minutes of the session ending and then further refining the work during the evening.

This allows you to maximise the attention on your event while it is in progress, as well as creating a high-quality, long-term record after the event is over.

We can work on-site or remotely, and the drawnalists can work digitally or — if you prefer — on paper, creating a visual point of interest through the conference. Many organisers choose to display our work in one central location, creating a visual hub for the event, and a physical social object that creates engagement both at the event and on social media.

The advantage of having both a graphic and an In the Moment writer working in concert is that we gather the entire breadth of the session, giving attendees and other interested parties a long-term record of the session for later reference, discussion or revision. The written element can link to other pages on your website, which is particularly useful for maximising your investment in the conference content, to help support the rest of your website strategy.

Elements of the drawnalism can easily be reused for social media channels, and our live capture team are happy to co-ordinate and work alongside your own social media team, or we can provide our own experienced in-the-moment social media producers to handle event social media, if you wish.

Examples of work

  1. Paper Drawnalism: Open Data Camp Example
  2. Paper Drawnalism: WinchBiz Example
  3. Digital Drawnalism: IFS World Congress

Additional Services

One of the advantages that creative use of digital tools offers is expanding the reach of your event, both to larger audiences, but also in time, bringing the community together before the tenet, and allowing them to stay together after the event.

Drawnalism is committed to working with our partners to make the most of the content around their event, and we can build bespoke packages for you including elements of pre- and post-event support.

Pre-Event Support

We can assist with a range of pre-event material including:

  • Branding
  • Visual provocations
  • Textual provocations
  • Pre-event videos
  • Social media support

Post-Event Support

We can also help you maintain interest and create deeper relationships with attendees post-event, through a range of services, including:

  • Creation of post-event ebooks
  • Creation of summary and reference content
  • Videos derived from in-the-moment capture