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Drawnalism: What IS it?

Drawnalism is a service that needs to be seen in action to be fully understood. We know this because of the number of descriptions we have heard of what we do. We’ve drawn several below. Perhaps you spotted all of these terms: Art, Rich Pictures, Scribing, Live Drawing, Mindmapping, Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Visual journalism, Graphical Minutes, Knowledge Wall, […]


Drawing from distance

It has been a busy few weeks for us with a series of Drawnalism Illustration commissions but the first project has just rolled off the printers and is published. It was a big project and our thanks to the smiley team at ENRD for the commission. Coming up soon is an interesting project from UK journalism guru and hackademic Paul Bradshaw. His […]

Bluelightcamp 2014 1000px

Bluelightcamp 2014

One other highlight of Bluelightcamp 2014 was the impressive demonstration of a drone inside the elegant atrium of the venue at the Ordnance Survey in Southampton. You can watch a video of that here. You can read and see some of the Drawnalism we made at the saturday Unconference over on the Bluelightcampblog. There was a huge range of […]