09 closeup Drawnalism and the Camera

No one reads your visual maps

Never undertake Drawnalism in a language you don’t understand. Such is the advice offered by Dario Paniagua on LinkedIn and it is some advice which we can get right behind. Dario posted a piece candidly discussing a failure at work because of the issue outlined above, here. It is a good read but after agreeing […]

Where the communicators are

We were delighted to return to EuroPCom this year. The organisers have provided a very nice video summarising some of the enormous scope of activity at the annual EU communications event (immediately above). You’ll see some detail listed ten seconds into the video – over two days there were 15 workshops, seven lectures, four open sessions and 97 speakers from […]


Belval and the borders

#interreg25 celebration by @drawnalism. A bit of history before @CorinaCretuEU welcome speech in a few minutes pic.twitter.com/4IoflBGTZe — Corinne Wenner (@CocoDeBrux) September 15, 2015 To Belval in Luxembourg to draw the 25th birthday of the EU’s cross-border and inter regional cooperation projects, Interreg. At its heart, the story of Interreg might be defined the word at the middle of this […]