Zero Discrimination in Health Care Settings

People living with HIV around the world commonly suffer from stigma and discrimination in society and this can even be from  government, healthcare providers, law enforcement and family. Finding solutions for such complicated and interconnected problem was one of the tasks facing the WHO-affiliated organisation UNAIDS . And Drawnalism were very pleased to be asked by them […]

Drawnalism team preparing plenary sessions In-the-Moment in display at SocialInnovationEU in Lisbon Portugal in 2017

Changing society because we must

Social innovation strengthens the capacity of people to act together for common purpose. Since the global financial crisis of 2007/08 governments around the world have been very keen to grow the resilience of their societies using mutuality and collaboration. But how to consistently trigger the changes in behaviour to benefit society? Real world social enterprises […]

At the interface of open data

To Queen’s University Belfast for the Open Data Camp Unconference. We hope you enjoy the video and short photo essay below which gives some idea of the liveliness of this long running event, which is all about the power of information. If you are new to the idea of Unconferences, in between the pictures below you will […]