With the truth seekers at TEDxSkoll

We’ve all seen TED and TEDx videos on the internet, but TEDxSkoll was our first hands-on experience of one of the very well-known events. Eleven speakers spoke for 12-15 minutes each on a variety of topics ranging from anarchism to holocaust denial, from futurism to how satellite imagery displays the impact of humanity on the planet, and the event rounded off […]

Drawing better decisions

We choose to work in high quality at speed and we are always impressed by others who do the same. So to witness the construction of a new data science campus at the Office of National Statistics which went from commission to opening in under 12 months was seriously impressive, by any pair of eyes. We were privileged to attend the opening […]

Ideas for sessions at the ODCamp 4 unconfernce (photo WN Bishop)

(Open data) camping in the rain

Grey clouds, check. Two drawnalists, paper and pens, check. Two writers, laptops and phones, check. Lashing rain, check. The Victorian splendour of Cardiff’s Pierhead, lots of coffee, lots of Welsh cakes, lots of Women in Technology bobble hats, more than 100 open data experts and enthusiasts, 30 pitched sessions across two days… It must have […]