• Slide 1 – Drawnalism® In-the-moment

    Drawnalism® working In-the-Moment

  • Slide 2 Drawnalism® – Illustration

    Illustration for Innovation

  • Slide 3 – Drawnalism® In-the-Moment

    Capturing the moment

  • Slide 4 Drawnalism® Digital

    Everything we make is hand-made

  • Slide 5 Drawnalism® Digital

    Even when the output is digital

  • Slide 6 Drawnalism® Illustration

    Drawnalism® for your journey

Drawing Knowledge

What We Do

Drawnalism Video

Making movies and animated drawnalism to tell memorable stories.

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What else does Drawnalism get called?

What else does Drawnalism get called?

Other suggestions are welcome in the comments or via our contact page!
Busy, busy B’s

Busy, busy B’s

What do Boston, Basel, Budapest, Barcelona, Brussels and Birmingham all have in common?

2020 vision

2020 vision

How to draw the exchanges of 700 people in only 48 hours?…
Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories

It is lovely to see the Drawnalism we made at EuroPCom 2014…