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    Drawnalism® working In-the-Moment

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    Illustration for Innovation

  • Slide 3 – Drawnalism® In-the-Moment

    Capturing the moment

  • Slide 4 Drawnalism® Digital

    Everything we make is hand-made

  • Slide 5 Drawnalism® Digital

    Even when the output is digital

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    Drawnalism® for your journey

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The creative thinker

The creative thinker

In a ‘perk of the job’ it was a pleasure to listen to…
After the event publications

After the event publications

We’ve been fortunate to receive many after events publications in recent times.…
Seasons Greetings from Drawnalism

Seasons Greetings from Drawnalism

Season’s Greetings!

The Human Factor

The Human Factor

We were recently commissioned to draw at The Human Factor, a colloquium on the use of social sciences (such as anthropology and epidemiology) in the treatment of tropical diseases. The four day event in Antwerp gathered scientists from around the world and featured a special session convened to address the outbreak of Ebola in west Africa.