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    Drawnalism® for your journey

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    Even when the output is digital

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    Everything we make is hand-made

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    Capturing the moment

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    Illustration for Innovation

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Drawing Knowledge

What We Do

Drawnalism Video

Making movies and animated drawnalism to tell memorable stories.

Recent News


Farming the Big Apple

“Chapter One. He adored New York City. He idolized it all out…
Drawnalism Video_for_Supportive_Communities_©_Drawnalism_Ltd

Drawnalism video

We’ve recently finished a video for the Supportive Communities programme who work…

The State of the Union

In the aftermath of a vote for Brexit in the United Kingdom…
Finding_treasure_in-Events_with_©_Drawnalism Ltd

Finding treasure

Why events are truly the new niche media One of the great…