Yesterday, Alex Hughes and Matt Buck of Drawnalism attended Amplified 09‘s £1.40 ‘curated unconference’, hosted by Reuters at their London base in Canary Wharf. The event was a mixture of talks and panels loosely set around the themes of the future of news and politics, and the impact which social media services like Twitter are having upon it.


Although we were there chiefly to participate and listen, we also took the opportunity to draw sketches of the proceedings and try and convey a little of the feel of the event. You can see our sketches as they appeared on the day here.

#1pound40_AbbottThe £1.40 of the title refers not only to the 140 character limit in a typical Twitter tweet, but also to the £1.40 suggested minimum donation and entry fee, with all proceeds going to the DEC Disasters Appeal for Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Sketch9There was a liveblog of the event from Amplified and Reuters, and further coverage on the Guardian’s Digital Content blog. You can also follow the continuing discussion on Twitter under the #1pound40 hashtag.

It was a good event with some interesting thinkers and doers taking part, so our thanks to the organisers and hosts for getting us there.

Updated: 9am on November 20th. Mark Jones of Reuters has some interesting reflections on running a social media unconference to read here.

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