• Drawnalism® making an agreement

  • Drawnalism® Illustration for process and journey maps

  • Drawnalism® capturing knowledge at events

  • Drawnalism® work in detail with paper or pixel

  • Drawnalism® brings a lot of colour to any event

  • Drawnalism® In the Moment on paper in display at an event

  • Drawnalism® for your journey

  • Even when the output is digital

  • Everything we make is hand-made

  • Capturing the moment

  • Illustration for Innovation

  • Drawnalism® working In-the-Moment

Drawnalism - Graphic Recording drawing knowledge

What We Do

Drawnalism Video

Making movies and animated drawnalism to tell memorable stories.

Recent News

Cutting carbon out

To Italy for the second in a series of events about helping communities across the continent learn how to reduce carbon emissions through social and behavioural change.
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At the Studio: Key

An example of Drawnalism At the Studio animation made in slower time…

A developer for life

It’s the whole person that matters and the #YouGotThisConf had this message at…
Happy New Year from Drawnalism Ltd

Happy New Year!

Hello world. Best wishes for 2019.