• Drawnalism® making an agreement

  • Drawnalism® Illustration for process and journey maps

  • Drawnalism® capturing knowledge at events

  • Drawnalism® work in detail with paper or pixel

  • Drawnalism® brings a lot of colour to any event

  • Drawnalism® In the Moment on paper in display at an event

  • Drawnalism® for your journey

  • Even when the output is digital

  • Everything we make is hand-made

  • Capturing the moment

  • Illustration for Innovation

  • Drawnalism® working In-the-Moment

Drawnalism - Graphic Recording drawing knowledge

What We Do

Drawnalism Video

Making movies and animated drawnalism to tell memorable stories.

Recent News

One of my earliest gigs: Blue Light Camp

I’ll be honest. Driving to a corporate office park on the edge of Southampton is not my idea of a fun weekend activity. I was the sort of thing I thought I’d left behind me when I quit corporate life a couple of years before.

Building solid business relationships

It’s June, officially Summer, and we’re half way through the calendar year. In this post I thought I’d take a look back at the first six months of the year and talk about some of the highlights and notable projects I have worked on.
Hashtag text #BlueLightCamp with a blue swirl = Networking + Hackathon

On the record

In my previous post, I met Matthew from Drawnalism at a Knowledge Cafe, many years ago. This time, my relationship with Drawnalism moves from 'having a nice chat', to us actually working together.

Roaming Romania

To Bucharest in Romania for the European Union Cluster conference - to help connect businesses, innovations and workers across borders and throughout the continent.