Travel Drawnalism - On the road in South Africa

On the road - South Africa © Matthew Buck at Drawnalism

There are many way to get to work. The man I drew running down the M1 road in the middle of Johannesburg on a recent Drawnalism job knew it. I was lucky, I had a driver to take me to the event at which I was working.

Increasingly Drawnalism get asked to travel to work overseas and it is always great to get such an offer.

Of course, overseas working is a big undertaking for any organisation and we have to be sure we can also continue to deliver our business at home. Last week this was a large conference in central London that required two Drawnalists on site.

We have learned that organisation is key to all that we draw and so good planning was a big deal in the weeks running up to both events. We were extremely grateful that our overseas client  booked and paid for flights and accommodation in advance.

Now, it looks as if we’ll be off to Germany next, and if you’d like more details of how we can get to work for you, home or away, you can contact us here.


Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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