Bluelightcamp 2014 Unconference + Hackathon @drawnalism

Bluelightcamp 2014 event brand @drawnalism

One other highlight of Bluelightcamp 2014 was the impressive demonstration of a drone inside the elegant atrium of the venue at the Ordnance Survey in Southampton. You can watch a video of that here.

Drones at Bluelightcamp 2014 at Ordnance Survey via @drawnalism

Photograph @drawnalism

You can read and see some of the Drawnalism we made at the saturday Unconference over on the Bluelightcampblog. There was a huge range of subjects for debate ably captured by our colleague and liveblogging specialist Adam Tinworth.

Delegate Ben Proctor has written a nice first-person reaction to day one piece here as has @edent.

There was also some great instant reaction on social media.

For ourselves, we were also delighted to see the pre-event branding we made was a hit. (A tea mug for all six elements of the two-day event!)

Bluelightcamp 2014 Networking Mug from Drawnalism

@Drawnalism for @Bluelightcamp

Our thanks to the organising team for using our services.

Bluelightcamp 2014 organising team @drawnalism

Bluelightcamp 2014 organising team @drawnalism


Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.


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