The luxury of some time away from the routine tasks of looking after Drawnalism to attend the very first Service Design event at the Sessions House in Clerkenwell, London.

#ServiceDesignDB on 19th September 2014 @ drawnalism

The venue was an entertaining space full of interested and interesting people – and a glowing oak tree.

We sat in the light while listening to series of engaging speakers who spoke on the practice and principles of systems thinking in quick ten minute spots.

Suitably rooted in the shared space we then got our heads into some practical work facilitated by STBY who shared some free tools for opportunity and problem analysis when making processes. They have developed these together with NESTA and to repeat, these tools are FREE, well worth a download in my estimation.

Alongside the freebie and the interest of the speakers and participants, it was also great to play in the workshops as a delegate for a change. The whole event made for a fine and refreshing addition to our general practice. Our hat tipped to organiser Lior Smith, her team, the speakers and the attendees. We look forward to the next iteration*.

Picture of #ServiceDesignDB by Chloe Eunsung Kim ‏@wisewormm on September 20th 2014

Picture of #ServiceDesignDB by Chloe Eunsung Kim ‏@wisewormm on September 20th 2014

And don’t forget! @ drawnalism

* Caution! @drawnalismMatt attempts service real-time design humour.

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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