To Belval in Luxembourg to draw the 25th birthday of the EU’s cross-border and inter regional cooperation projects, Interreg. At its heart, the story of Interreg might be defined the word at the middle of this information graphic provided by speaker Dr Alejandro Guarín.

Another highlight was provided by Jean-Christophe Victor who shared a short video history of cooperation inside the EU. This artfully used the magic of maps displayed over time to help tell the story.

The event venue was at the border of Luxembourg and France amid the building of a new town  and the regeneration and preservation of the former steelworks that once provided wealth to the surrounding regions.

And here are a few examples of our output while we were on site.

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We were privileged to hear a great and ongoing story of collaboration over the two days of the event.

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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