We were delighted to return to EuroPCom this year. The organisers have provided a very nice video summarising some of the enormous scope of activity at the annual EU communications event (immediately above).

You’ll see some detail listed ten seconds into the video – over two days there were 15 workshops, seven lectures, four open sessions and 97 speakers from across the continent involving more than 800 delegates – and we had a hand in covering it all.

Of course, volume is not everything in communication or life. As in the previous year, some of the most useful input came from practical projects ‘on the ground’ – such as the award winning ‘Europe around the corner’.

This project uses a simple postcode search to show EU funded activity in the Netherlands. It was great and speaking personally, I wish the UK had a service just like it.

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You can find more detail of the EuroPCom public conference at these links. Of course, we’d recommend a visit.

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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