In the internet age we don’t get to see our work appearing in paper publications very often.

This is a small sadness for the Drawnalism team whose backgrounds are in the print and paper media. So, naturally we were very happy to see the Chamber Link, the monthly magazine published by Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce is running a piece (on paper) about our business in their latest edition.

We were delighted to see that the headline summarises things nicely, just as it should, but in case you’re struggling to read the full text in that photo, here’s the transcript:

Artists cut through the technical language barrier

Two artists, or ‘drawnalists’, are enjoying economic and international success by providing their artistic services to a number of overseas clients.
Alex and Matt formed their company ‘Drawnalism’ in 2013, after seeing a drop off in commissioned artwork for magazines and newspapers. Since then, the pair have travelled all over the world to provide ‘In the Moment’ drawings and ‘visual minutes’.
They recently travelled to the Oxford Tropical Network annual conference in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to provide a visual overview to the conference. The drawings aim to cut through technical language and complex subject matter in sectors such as medicine.
Alex Hughes, director at Drawnalism, said: “Our ‘In the Moment’ service adds another dimension to conferences and meetings by recording the conversation in a memorable format. We particularly enjoy hearing people’s stories and seeing the reaction to what we’ve produced as they comment on and share the drawings.”
So far, their international offering presents a good example of how services from the UK can be ‘exported’ overseas. When asked on the barriers to overseas exporting of their service, Matt said that there weren’t any ‘significant’ barriers, bar travel expenses and moving of equipment.
One further development is that Drawnalism can now offer their event drawing service ‘On the Air’, drawing digitally on tablets and transmitting the artwork directly to the client’s screen, live. This removes the need for travel, saving the client money and saving the planet.

You can read rather more about our visit to Vietnam here.

And if you would like to know more about our forthcoming new service ‘On the Air’, please do drop us a line!

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