It’s the whole person that matters and the #YouGotThisConf had this message at its heart.

Its delegates, speakers and audience were early career developers from the digital world in which we live.

Photographs by Paul Clarke, and are provided with a CC-BY-SA license

There are many problem solvers and creative people in the digital industries – are very often they are driven by powerful personal goals in the fast growing, target focused and sometimes hard-faced industry.

These shared characteristics can lead to both wonderful performance and an obsession with unobtainable targets or perfectionism. And this can have a terrible effect on both the individuals and the businesses which employ or contract them.

Photographs by Paul Clarke, and are provided with a CC-BY-SA license

The challenge of work and changing employment practices was a consistent theme throughout the conference because of the instability or flexibility that is now built into so many employment opportunities as standard.

This flexibility has hugely positive effects for bottom line financial efficiency and for meeting the massive and growing demand for digital transformation in business and society.  This flexibility also brings persistent instability which can also deliver chronic economic insecurity for employees, contractors and members of full time staff.

It can be hard to avoid neglecting yourself in work in perfect conditions and even if you are adept at resisting the challenges of overwork or Imposter Syndrome which many people are known to share.

It is not difficult to believe that it is harder to manage challenges such as these as an early career professional – and with so much less experience of what work does to the worker.

The #YouGotThisConf conference attendees shared powerful testimony about managing the self in the digital work and marketplace and heard from a series of presenters who had seen both the positive and the hard sides of managing a life-work balance.

Subjects addressed across the day included managing mental health, controlling money, the importance of physical well being, coping with hierarchies or, the lack of them and digital knowledge overload.

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We hope we helped simplify some of these powerful challenges to early career professionals with what we drew at #YouGotThisConf.

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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