Drawnalism In Romania
In Romania © Drawnalism Ltd

To Bucharest in Romania for the European Union Cluster conference – to help connect businesses, innovations and workers across borders and throughout the continent.

The venue for the conference was officially the third largest piece of public building on earth, The Palace of the Parliament in the capital city of Bucharest. Formerly the Presidential Palace of Nicolae Ceaușescu, the huge 1400 room building now houses, the two houses of the Romanian Parliament and at least three museums.

Even with all of this going on, the building is still about 2/3 empty!

You can find many resources from the event at https://www.eucluster2019.eu/en/pages/documents and in this article.

Below are a few shots of us delivering In the Moment for the live conference sessions.

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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