Reduce the cost of using a Drawnalist for In the Moment by using Drawnalism On the Air.

Any Drawnalist listens to audio, video or streaming from you and capture what is said and heard.  This service can be delivered ‘live’ or, after the event you need capturing.

What are you waiting for?

How On the Air Drawnalism works.

We deliver On the Air from distance by drawing directly to recording of meetings, webinars, audio conferences of from web streaming.

On the Air is one of the most cost effective ways we can help towards your own experience of managing change.

You can listen to the original speech for this piece of On the Air at this link.

On the Air is often cheaper than In the Moment Drawnalism beacause typically it delivered from distance in studio time for Drawnalism.

Of course, it can also be delivered as the meetings are taking place and the example below was captured and drawn remotely to cover a fast speed session of session pitching at an Unconference taking place more than 100 miles from our Drawnalist.

“End the concern that records of your meetings and events are unmemorable. Make the insights you have gathered in the room shareable and more easily distributable to your audiences.”

Drawnalism On the Air provides a record of the event for redistribution that can be used in internal or public communication. The example above was prepared for the European Parliament to accompany a speech by the Commissioner for Trade explaining some of the benefits of the proposedTransatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the United States of America.

As you can see there are many different ways to deliver On the Air Drawnalism but we will be able to find the right way for your needs.

You can listen to the lecture that the example of On the Air above was taken from at this link.

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