After the innovation

Amid a busy year in 2015, we attended InnovEIT 2015, an innovation conference held  in Budapest, Hungary which was hosted by the EIT (the European Institute of Innovation and Technology). As well as our In-the-Moment work at the event, we were commissioned to produce some Drawnalism Illustration to summarise the event. You can see these pieces in the Final and Highlights Reports from the event […]

09 closeup Drawnalism and the Camera

No one reads your visual maps

Never undertake Drawnalism in a language you don’t understand. Such is the advice offered by Dario Paniagua on LinkedIn and it is some advice which we can get right behind. Dario posted a piece candidly discussing a failure at work because of the issue outlined above, here. It is a good read but after agreeing […]

Where the communicators are

We were delighted to return to EuroPCom this year. The organisers have provided a very nice video summarising some of the enormous scope of activity at the annual EU communications event (immediately above). You’ll see some detail listed ten seconds into the video – over two days there were 15 workshops, seven lectures, four open sessions and 97 speakers from […]


Belval and the borders

#interreg25 celebration by @drawnalism. A bit of history before @CorinaCretuEU welcome speech in a few minutes — Corinne Wenner (@CocoDeBrux) September 15, 2015 To Belval in Luxembourg to draw the 25th birthday of the EU’s cross-border and inter regional cooperation projects, Interreg. At its heart, the story of Interreg might be defined the word at the middle of this […]


Collaborating to make change

We are packing our tools to draw at a very large birthday party marking 25 years of economic and social collaboration between regions inside the EU. There’s a single example of a project that the EU’s Interreg funds have supported displayed below. The example is from central Europe but there are also plenty of examples of projects that […]