The world of work is changing and Drawnalism is changing with it. On the Air is the new service we have developed to respond to digital communications and dispersed engagement projects with the development of online conferences, dial-in calls, webinars and podcasts.

Drawnalists work live, via video or audio streaming, or as ‘live’, from recordings, to create a graphic recording of a presentation, call, discussion or debate. We can work on individual, sequential images or draw up to an hour of presentation and interaction using a technique called infinite canvas, that is navigated by scrolling and zooming.

On the Air is innovative, fast and eco-friendly. It delivers all the benefits of our In the Moment service in terms of demonstrating a commitment to invest in an event or project, of capturing and synthesising knowledge, and of creating a coherent, memorable record that will promote engagement from participants.

However, it does this in a digital environment that is easier to set up and manage and cheaper to commission. On the Air also extends the reach of online events and key project sessions by creating Drawnalism that can be built into follow-up communications, intranet  and social media. And it extends their life cycle, by creating opportunities for additional promotion and engagement.

If there is a project or a conference or a meeting which you think would benefit from Drawnalism On the Air please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Post by Matthew Buck

Co-Director of Drawnalism Ltd.

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