We’d highly recommended the Drawnalism team

We’d highly recommended the Drawnalism team. They offer a creative, smart and witty way to capture and share the outputs from conferences and events.  We commissioned them to sketch 35 talks on cutting edge science research over 2 days. They proved adept at synthesising high volumes of complex information, in real time.

And we’ve had excellent feedback from both our researchers and from non-specialist audiences.

Charlie GorhamProject Support Officer, Science DivisionWellcome TrustUnited Kindom
I can't recommend Drawnalism enough!

I can’t recommend Drawnalism enough! The way that Alex was able to quickly grasp our work programme and bring all of the parts together visually was brilliant. Everyone loves our Drawnalism picture, and it has had an immediate impact in improving how we communicate and share the work we are doing!

Jenny NelsonDigital Newcastle - Programme ManagerNewcastle City CouncilNewcastle Upon Tyne, UK
I felt like I was a valued client

I felt like I was a valued client – this was through the friendly manner of Matt and the good communication before the event. I thought that the humour that you both injected into the images was particularly good and I think it helped that you were not connected to our sectors so you saw things from a different and fresh perspective. I particularly liked my huge envelope at the end with all of the images in … a nice touch and makes for a perfect photo opportunity.

Every time I've used Drawnalism I've been impressed

Every time I’ve used Drawnalism I’ve been impressed. What I find most interesting for the work on in the moment on paper is that having that record of what was discussed on display in the office is a helpful reminder of an event but more than that everyone is often notice new things and share them. For our latest event Drawnalism designed the logo, lanyards, banners, which went down really well, I had a lot of questions as to who designed it, and no negative comments.

Drawnalism adds a 'special touch' to our work

Drawnalism adds a ‘special touch’ to our work. It helps us to communicate messages in a simple, attractive and creative way; and helps our clients to remember these better.

Edina OcskoENRD Contact PointEuropean Network for Rural Development
We greatly appreciate the contributions of you and your team

The visionaries of the GODAN Summit 2016, which took place in New York City, New York, USA, on September 15­16, 2016, would like to thank you for your contribution in support of the goals of the Summit: to illustrate the opening, the use, and the importance of agriculture and nutrition data. Specifically, we would like to recognize the great work of Drawnalism. The posters you and your team prepared throughout the two days were a tremendous hit with attendees. We greatly appreciate the contributions of you and your team, you were a pleasure to work with.

Diana SzpotowiczStrategic Communications Advisor Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN)
Would thoroughly recommend to anyone needing a similar service

Drawnalism have helped us with various projects over the years including a short film to communicate what we are doing with one of our many projects. We particularly enjoy the ‘in the moment’ service which captures discussions and conferences so that we can use it to sum up what happened on the day and reuse in later discussions. Staff always love this as they can see it happening before their eyes and relate what they see to what they have heard. Everyone has their phones out to take photos even though they know it will be circulated to them!

Alexandra TyeSpecial AssistantHampshire County Council
Incredibly happy with the end product

Drawnalism were commissioned to capture key messages coming out from plenary keynotes and interactive audience sessions. We had a very busy agenda and were really impressed with how the artists managed to absorb and illustrate the discussions on what couldn’t have been an easy topic to grasp! Incredibly happy with the end product and would definitely recommend to other.

Surita SolankiDigital Birmingham
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Professional, highly talented, friendly, supportive, interested, and interesting

Professional, highly talented, friendly, supportive, interested, and interesting. Just a few of the words which can be applied to Drawnalism.

Mark BragginsOpen Data Camp

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