• Drawnalism® making an agreement

  • Drawnalism® Illustration for process and journey maps

  • Drawnalism® capturing knowledge at events

  • Drawnalism® work in detail with paper or pixel

  • Drawnalism® brings a lot of colour to any event

  • Drawnalism® In the Moment on paper in display at an event

  • Drawnalism® for your journey

  • Even when the output is digital

  • Everything we make is hand-made

  • Capturing the moment

  • Illustration for Innovation

  • Drawnalism® working In-the-Moment

Drawnalism - Graphic Recording drawing knowledge

What We Do

Drawnalism Video

Making movies and animated drawnalism to tell memorable stories.

Recent News

Sustainable scribbling

To #TEDxPDC at The Parc Du Cinquantenaire in Brussels to capture the…
The Story of Brexit at Drawnalism

The Story of Brexit

It's been the story of our lives since the decision to hold a referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union.

Cutting carbon out

To Italy for the second in a series of events about helping communities across the continent learn how to reduce carbon emissions through social and behavioural change.
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At the Studio: Key

An example of Drawnalism At the Studio animation made in slower time…