Picture of #ServiceDesignDB by Chloe Eunsung Kim ‏@wisewormm on September 20th 2014

Service and systems – Get up and glow!

The luxury of some time away from the routine tasks of looking after Drawnalism to attend the very first Service Design event at the Sessions House in Clerkenwell, London. The venue was an entertaining space full of interested and interesting people – and a glowing oak tree. We sat in the light while listening to series of engaging speakers […]


Drawnalism and Twitter

We’ve always been keen on Twitter and as the service grew we exchanged links and follows under our single company profile – @drawnalism – but we will be changing this behaviour in favour of organising people we like and are interested in following into lists. That said, and as subscribers to our monthly INK letter will know, we have also introduced […]


Drawing from distance

It has been a busy few weeks for us with a series of Drawnalism Illustration commissions but the first project has just rolled off the printers and is published. It was a big project and our thanks to the smiley team at ENRD for the commission. Coming up soon is an interesting project from UK journalism guru and hackademic Paul Bradshaw. His […]


Drawnalism – up against the wall

We get some lovely feedback from our customers sometimes and especially when it is from ones who use Alec Guinness as their online avatar. Arguably, the message above lacked only a hashtag #FeelTheForce. The snapshot is lovely to us because the framed artwork shows some of our In-the-Moment Drawnalism having a greatly extended life, long […]