Drawing better decisions

We choose to work in high quality at speed and we are always impressed by others who do the same. So to witness the construction of a new data science campus at the Office of National Statistics which went from commission to opening in under 12 months was seriously impressive, by any pair of eyes. We were privileged to attend the opening […]

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Collaboration across Europe

One of our recent events reminded us that Drawnalism depends upon the wisdom of other people on every day we work. We were privileged to be at the Interreg 2016 Conference in Brussels early in June. Interreg is one of those parts of the European Union that we in the UK have not heard much about, at least […]


Whiteout! Art, tools and technology

Liveblogger Adam Tinworth offers some white out fluid to improve a recent Pencil Point post about digital drawing tools: Recently, Matt posted about a review of the Apple Pencil drawn with an Apple Pencil. And he made a central point: Despite the boldness of Apple’s marketing strategy (we made a PENCIL!), similar products have been widely available […]


A Permanent Marker: We are stronger in the EU

Here in the UK, the EU referendum is full swing ahead of the national vote on June 23rd 2016. As a business, Drawnalism has been fortunate to work widely within Europe in recent years and we wish to continue to do so. This is why we support the Stronger In campaign. The government of the United Kingdom takes the […]

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A pencil point: The reinvention of the wheel

Technology moves almost as fast as effective In-the-Moment drawnalism does. And for an example of this, Apple have boldly reinvented an old piece of technology, the pencil. There’s a charming drawn review of it here. (Our pencils our dipped to its author, Serenity Caldwell and also to Adam Tinworth for passing the link along to us). […]